Is Ship Supply a Bonded Supplier?
Yes, we supply bonded items but all items are fully taxed.

Does Ship Supply have a Technical Department?
Yes, we supply all Deck & Engine products and have engineers on staff 24x7. Also we supply pyrotechnics items, safety and Gas cylinders as Oxygen, Acetylene and Nitrogen

Does Ship Supply provide chandler services?
In order to get in and out of port quickly, the services of a dependable ship chandler are vital. Ship Supply provides chandler services within Tanzania, including Dar es Salaam Port, Mtwara Port, Tanga Port and Zanzibar Port .

Does Ship Supply Work in the Other ports?
Yes, we provide weekly shipments to Mtwara Port, Zanzibar port, Tanga Port and anchorages.

What types of services does Ship Supply offer?
For over 5 years, Ship Supply has provided outstanding service to vessels withing East Africa region. A sample of our services include:

  • Deck & engine, cabin & bonded supplies.
  • Provisions, including fresh meat & fish, fruit & veg, dairy, dry goods beverages, breads & cereals and a wide selection of ethnic foods.
  • Bonding.
  • Deliveries to all ports

Does Ship Supply provide catering services?
Yes, on a contractual basis.

Does Ship Supply service only commercial vessels?
No, we supply all types of vessels including passenger & cruise, research and military Vessel.

Does Ship Supply support eCommerce platforms?
Yes, we support ShipServ, Lloyds, we are members of ShipServ community